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Over time, I have amassed a collection of steam era working time tables and similar operating documents. After talking with friends and enthusiasts in some of the Railway Societies to which I belong, I started scanning a few so that they could have copies. The results rather impressed them and I have been asked for more and also for hard copies. The result is a growing collection of time tables and other operating documents from my collection, from the early 1950s. I do have many others in my collection but it takes time for me to scan them in, digitally clean them up and create the printable document.

After a little searching, I was able to find a similar grade of paper to that used in the originals and this has allowed me to produce a document with an authentic look. I scan each document and work through page by page, cleaning up any blemishes and removing the various scribbles that can appear on used railway documents. Hopefully, you will agree that they are worth the effort put into them. After speaking to a number of people, and gaining permission to copy them, it was decided the only change needed was to alter the cover pages to add a copyright notice and a note that the documents are copies. It was agreed that without this they could be passed off as originals, particularly if they fade in a few years time. Given the trading price of original timetables, this wouldn't be fair!

If you have any doubts about the quality of the prints, take a look at some of the comments from previous customers - Customer Feedback


Please note; copyright for the original documents resided with the BRB (Residuary) Ltd. until it was abolished in March 2013, whereupon copyright transferred to the Crown. BRB (Residuary) Ltd. gave the following permission to reproduce them:

"The Board has no objection to copies of these documents being made in paper form so long as they are for private information or for non-commercial enthusiast or railway club purposes and are not sold or lent for any payment other than to cover copying or transmission costs."

As such, I have set my prices to cover production costs, PayPal charges and postage. Please note, they should also not be resold or traded for profit.

What's new

New items are now available:
Western Region Arrivals & Departures book, Reading (Gen.), Summer 1950,
North Eastern Region Passenger Engine & Crew Workings for the Main Line, Summer 1952,
London Midland Region Arrivals & Departures book, Leicester (Mid.), Winter 1953,
London Midland Region Engine & Crew Workings for Camden (1B) Depot, Summer 1951,
London Midland Region Freight Engine & Crew Workings for Bescot (3A) Depot, Summer 1951,
London Midland Region Passenger Engine & Crew Workings for the Accrington District Depots (24x), Summer 1953.

The Reprinted ER[W] Special Traffic Notice N K3667, has been withdrawn from sale. It is now available as a free download.

Free downloads have also been added, bringing the total to 137:
Royal Train Notice No. 60, 22-10-1952,
Royal Train Notice EG.59, 26-10-1954,
ER Western Division Carriage Working, 18-06-51,
ER[E] Special Traffic Notice No. 6, 29-07-54,
LMR Special Traffic Notice X.S./8., 24-08-52,
LMR[M] Special Traffic Notice No. 25, 20-06-53,
LMS[W] London Suburban Passenger Train workings, Winter 1946,
LNER (Sc) Special Traffic Notice E.81-51, 14-12-46,
Southampton Docks: Arrangements for Trains & Steamers for Naval Review 15-06-53
†††††† (This notice concerns Steamer services and complements the similar notice regarding train movements),
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.85-39, 02-09-50,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.85-40, 09-09-50,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.85-41, 16-09-50,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.85-53, 09-12-50,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-7, 10-02-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-8, 17-02-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-9, 24-02-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-12, 17-03-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-17, 21-04-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.86-18, 28-04-51,
ScR Special Traffic Notice E.87-27, 21-06-52,
ScR Special Traffic Notice No. N1-24, 21-06-52,
ScR Section A, B & C (P) Winter 1953 WTT Supplement No. 7,
SR Special Notice 391 SOO, 20-05-53,
SR[LC] Special Traffic Notice No. 30, (QE2 Coronation Day), 02-06-53,
SR[LC] Special Traffic Notice No. 33, (Spithead Naval Review), 20-06-53,
SR[LE] Special Traffic Notice No. 25, (QE2 Coronation Day) 02-06-53,
SR[LE] Passenger WTT Supplement No. 6, 07-12-53,
SR[LE] Passenger WTT Supplement No. 7, 04-01-54,
SR[LE&LC] Joint Special Notice No. 3, (Ore Tunnel) 08-06-53,
SR[LW] Special Traffic Notice No. P31, (QE2 Coronation Day) 02-06-53,
SR[LW&S] Special Traffic Notice No. P34, (Spithead Naval Review), 20-06-53,
SR[S] Special Traffic Notice No. P26, (QE2 Coronation Day) 02-06-53,
WR (Exeter District) Special Traffic Notice No. 17, 29-05-53,
WR (Birmingham Dist) Guards & Ticket Collectors Working, Winter 1953,
WR (Gloucester Dist) Special Traffic Notice G.276, 02-04-54,
WR (Chester District) Special Traffic Notice No. 200, 14-04-54.

Free downloads!

I have completely revised the download area. I had previously kept a number of small items on the sales list but I found that I can count the sales of them on one hand! This doesnít justify the effort of creating the printed copies. However, since they are still of interest, I have decided to place them in the download area as fully printable PDFs. They may not be cleaned up as well as my reprinted documents but itís the information thatís important. These smaller documents have been removed from the sales list.

I have a large number of these notices and I plan to scan them in over time and place them in the download area for you. The Royal Train and Special Traffic Notices are listed twice; one page listing them region by region order and another page listing them in date order.

The download area can be accessed from this link: >>>†† Free download page†† <<<

Document costs.

Charges are generally based on the number of pages in the document, subject to a couple of exceptions:
I have found that documents of approximately 400 pages or more tend to weigh over 750g and they have to be sent by Royal Small Parcel service which is more expensive.
The other exception is for smaller documents of up to 15 pages. Since they weigh so little, if such a document is part of an order containing other documents, the price of each small document will be reduced by £1.

The number of pages and prices are listed in the "What's Available" indices listed below.


Please note, I accept payment via PayPal only (see "Ordering" below). Also, at this time, I am posting to UK addresses only via Royal Mail large letter / packet service. If I get a demand for non-UK addresses I may consider adding this in but not at the moment.

Postage costs.

Postage costs are included in the prices, except in the case of smaller documents, as explained above.


To order, just send an E-Mail to listing the documents you require, preferably using the order codes for the document(s) you want.

As soon as I am ready to dispatch your order, you will receive an E-Mail request for payment via PayPal that will include a link to use to open the secure PayPal payment window. Please note that I have had a small number of orders where customers have not received their E-Mail from PayPal with the link to my invoice. After investigating it appears that some E-Mail servers regard PayPal as junk mail (Spam) and intercept it. Each E-Mail server handles it differently so if you don't receive the invoice, check your E-Mail client to see how junk mail is handled and see if it is there. Or, if you have your own PayPal account, log on and the invoice should be there waiting for you. If you still can't find it, let me know and I'll send out a reminder; for some reason these get through! Also, please check your invoice to be sure I have understood your order and the correct items are listed.

Up until this point, you may cancel your order without any problems. As soon as I receive confirmation from PayPal that payment has been made, I will assemble your order and send it out to you. Please do NOT include credit / debit card details on your order as I cannot process them; wait for the PayPal payment request.

Your personal contact details will not be disclosed to anyone else. If you ask, I can retain your E-Mail address and send out reminders whenever I add a new document to the series but under no other circumstances will I contact you.

Please note.
I keep a small stock of most documents ready to be sent out. This should allow me to dispatch an order within a day or so of receiving payment. However, if I get inundated with orders, return of orders will slow down, as will scanning in new time tables - this is not a business: I only do this as a hobby. Return of orders may take a week or two if I have to print up fresh copies. If this occurs I will acknowledge your order as soon as I can, print the documents and then request payment when I'm ready to send out your order so I would ask you to bear with me and please be patient !

What's available?

Please click on the links below to see what is available for that region. Please forgive me if I have tended towards the Eastern side of the country. That is my interest and the reason I started scanning the time tables. I do have time tables from all the other regions and I now move around the regions whenever I add a new item to the collection. Most items have a small PDF giving a sample of the document. In particular it will show the document index and any map provided, plus a sample page, to help you decide if it is right for you.

Many thanks for looking.

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