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Here are some comments received from my customers:


I have received my order thank you. I congratulate you on superbly reproduced documents and a swift service.




Dear WTT Reprinter,
Received yesterday, and congratulations on the quality of reproduction! Thank you, I will be pleased to recommend you to others, including members of S-u-A Model Rly. Club.


Thanks for the WTT for Hull District & the York District, which is much appreciated. They are both good quality documents.
I will pass on the word about your WTTs to those that might be interested.
Best Wishes


Very many thanks for the three WTTs that you sent me last week. They have created a bit of a diversion from the things that I was supposed to be getting on with! And I must say that the quality is absolutely top notch!
Thanks once again,
With regards,


Dear WTT Reprinter,

I have received my Timetables in good order, and what excellent productions they are. They look even better than the originals, partly of course, because they have not been handled by hundreds of people before I got them. Many Thanks.

With Good Wishes,



The consignment arrived today. Many thanks. The quality is excellent - clean, new, well bound and perfectly clear print; just as the original must have been issued. Good luck with your enterprise.
Best Wishes


Order received today and I am delighted!! It is far better than I expected, almost indistinguishable from the original - It certainly takes me back and I shall spend many happy hours consulting it.


Dear WTT Reprints,
Thanks for the Edinburgh WTT and the STN which arrived safely yesterday, packed beautifully as always.
What excellent service!
Yours Richard.


I have just received the timetable. You have made an excellent job with it and I am very grateful.
Many thanks,


The two timetables you sent last week are simply superb; super quality. I have to say, I am really looking forward to next four!

With kind regards



WTT arrived safely. You've done an impressive job. Many thanks.



Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my order for the Darlington WTT, which I received. Looks very good. I am surprised that you are able to produce and deliver it for five pounds!
Thank you again.


Duly arrived- very impressive and good value- thanks! I shall return, no doubt, when I've devoured this lot.



Superb! Very nicely reprinted - look forward to more becoming available. Thanks!


Received today - beautifully printed, bound and packed - I don't know how you manage to do it at that price!
Many thanks, John


These are the best quality copied documents I have ever obtained for my research. It is an exceptional product at a very reasonable price. He is quick and very efficient dealing with his orders, so much so I wish other commercial organisations would adopt his methods.



I got the parcel on Monday, thanks for the speedy service. So engrossed I haven't been online till now!! I cant believe how beautiful and easy to read the WTTs are, certainly happy to reorder and recommend.



My order received this morning. They should keep me quiet for quite a while! Very impressed both with the quality of the reproduction and the promptness with which the order was handled.

Many thanks, Mike.


Many thanks for your prompt service. May I congratulate you on a really professional job you made of the WTT reprints.
I would certainly recommend them to anyone with an interest in this field.



Thanks very much for the ScR Section 3 1953 Freight WTT reprint received the day after ordering. The print quality is excellent and accurately reproduces the old typeface. Will be recommending to others with a similar interest.



Received my copy of the LMR Central Division Carriage Workings this morning. Absolutely delighted of course this is a quite wonderful piece of work.
While it is always nice to own the original documents this really is the next best thing as, in either case, it is the information contained within which is the main interest.


Packet arrived yesterday. Timetable reprint was not as expected - it's much better! Thank you. I thought I was going to get a straight photocopy of an original (as has been seen advertised on eBay) but this is a superb reproduction. I've already spent too much time reading through it...


I would like to congratulate you once again on the very high standard of reproduction. I have many interesting hours of study to look forward to !


Arrived safely and in perfect condition - now for many happy hours of browsing! Many thanks.
Kind regards, Chris


I would like to thank you for your time and trouble in producing such fine documents.


Just a quick note to let you know WTT received today. Most impressed at the quality and speedy service.

Many Thanks, John.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for the reprint received a few days ago now. The quality is really excellent. If I was buying a genuine copy I doubt Id one find for under 30. You would be well justified in increasing your over generous prices.
Regards, Sandy.


Thank you very much for your speedy service, I received my copy of the North Eastern WTT compendium yesterday. The quality is excellent, far beyond my expectation of a reproduction and must reflect on countless hours work. Thank you very much for making these documents available.
Kind regards, Jonathan.


Hi - my order now received - thanks for the very prompt service - as for the items bought they provide a fascinating insight into the long gone world of 1950s railway operations - thank you for making these available - most impressive though is the standard of reproduction - very impressed



I have had reprints of other railway publications from other sellers which are just a pile of photocopied sheets. Your copies are very professionally done and very well presented: a credit to you.


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