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I have scanned a number of smaller items but have sold so few it doesn’t justify the effort in creating further printed copies. What I have decided is to make them available for free download: just click the links to open the PDF and you can view, save or print them as you wish. They are not up to the normal standard of my reprinted works but they are clear scans and all information is present.

Special Traffic Notices

Opens a separate page

Royal Train Notices

Opens a separate page

Working Time Table amendments

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Closure of Scalby Station Notice (NER)

Scalby Closure Notice

I have a small number of handbills that I have scanned and combined into a PDF. You are welcome to download this, but do keep a watch as any other handbills that I scan will be added to the PDF (I will alter the file date when I do).

Collection of handbills                 * UPDATED 15/03/15 *

Operating Instructions

I get occasional requests to decipher the meaning of train classifications used in the time tables from the 1950s. To assist everyone, I have copied a special notice issued by the London Midland, when British Railways implemented a standard set of head codes and bell signals in June, 1950. If you have an A3 printer, this will give you the best result (print it double-sided and fold it in half) as printing to A4 may be a little too small to read.

London Midland notice re: Head Codes & Bell Signals

During the early 1950s, the Western Region Civil Engineer obtained a diesel-electric engine, PWM-650, for use in engineering worksites. The operating instructions were provided on an instruction circular, Circular LK256.

BR(WR) Circular LK.256


Nothing to do with time tables! I have a 1964 resignalling drawing for provision of a new siding at Picketts Lock on the Cambridge Main line that is very interesting.

Signalling Drawing, Picketts Lock, 1964

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