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I have a few items that I have compiled but cannot justify selling. What I have decided is to make them available for free download: just click the links to open the PDF and you can view, save or print them as you wish.

I have a set of Parcel Van workings for the LMS (Central Division) for the winter of 1938. This is outside of my normal sphere of interest but is still very interesting in its own right so I decided to scan it and put it here for free download. It is just the scanned pages without my usual clean up but it is still quite clear for all that.

LMS (Cen) Parcel Van Workings, Nov 1938   * NEW *

I get occasional requests to decipher the meaning of train classifications used in the time tables from the 1950s. To assist everyone, I have copied a special notice issued by the London Midland, when British Railways implemented a standard set of head codes and bell signals in June, 1950. If you have an A3 printer, this will give you the best result (print it double-sided and fold it in half) as printing to A4 may be a little too small to read.

London Midland notice re: Head Codes & Bell Signals           * NEW *

I have an 8 page Special Traffic Notice for the Eastern Region (LT&S Section) that is quite interesting, having some Boat Train workings from St. Pancras to Tilbury. It is dated week commencing 10th May, 1954.

Southend District STN No S639, 1954           * NEW *

When I first published the North Eastern Region Section S Time Table (Hull District) I had originally intended to include an 'Advice notice' showing Summer Season additions and alterations to services to Withernsea and Hornsea. For some reason this wasn't included and I have just realised! Later copies of Section S will have this included but for those who bought copies without it, please download it here.

North Eastern Region Advice No. 244 (1953)

My North Eastern Region time tables are quite heavily amended with various alterations from regular supplements. I cleaned them all up but feel that the information shouldn’t be lost so I have created a document in the style of a typical WTT Supplement Notice, giving all the amendments present.

North Eastern Region WTT Amendments

1953 was the Coronation year and significant extra traffic ran. The following is a Special Traffic Notice showing arrangements at Southampton Docks for the Naval Review at Spithead in June.

BR(SR) Naval Review traffic arrangements (Southampton Docks), June 1953

On the 10th October, 1953, two RCTS rail tours were run. The train crew and engine workings for the Eastern Region portion of these trains was advised out on a single page typed letter that was 'Roneo' copied to all concerned.

BR(ER) Roneo Notice 4286, 1953

On the 3rd June, 1954, the new Woodhead Tunnel was officially opened. The following circular gives instructions to staff regarding the arrangements for the ceremony, the inaugural train and excursionist's arrangements.

BR(ER) Roneo Notice T1/46300/P

Nothing to do with time tables! I have a 1964 resignalling drawing for provision of a new siding at Picketts Lock on the Cambridge Main line that is very interesting.

Signalling Drawing, Picketts Lock, 1964

During the early 1950s, the Western Region Civil Engineer obtained a diesel-electric engine, PWM-650, for use in engineering worksites. The operating instructions were provided on an instruction circular, Circular LK256.

BR(WR) Circular LK.256

I have a small number of handbills that I have scanned and combined into a PDF. You are welcome to download this, but do keep a watch as any other handbills that I scan will be added to the PDF (I will alter the file date when I do).

Collection of handbills                 * UPDATED 15/03/15 *

I originally listed a number of small documents (Special Traffic Notices, time table amendments, Royal Train notices, etc.), but found that very few of them sold. What I decided to do is list them here in full as free downloads. Then, if you like them and want a printed copy, send an E-Mail to, preferably quoting the order codes given for each document you require.

Order code



  Download link and document description


ER[GE]_1953_P1082 F483E_Circ



Alterations Circular (PDF).

Alterations due to the closure of the line between Mundesley and Roughton Road Junction.


ER[GE]_1952_S1810 F392E_STN



Special Traffic Notice S1810-F392E 1952 (PDF).

M&GN Section Traffic Notice, Xmas 1952





ER[GE] Winter 53 WTT Supplement No 1 (PDF).

GE Supplement No. 1 to the Winter 1953 Section J, K & L WTTs.


ER[W]_1951_Notice X1103
ER[W]_1956_Notice X323



Special Notice X.1103 (PDF).

Special Notice X.323 (PDF).

Timings of Officer's Special for judges of the "Best Kept Gardens Competition,"1951 & 1956.


BR_1952_Notice EG47  * NEW *

BR_1952_Notice EG48  * NEW *

BR_1952_Notice EG49







Royal Train Notice EG.47 (PDF).

Royal Train Notice EG.48 (PDF).

Royal Train Notice EG.49 (PDF).

Eastern Region Royal Train Notices, 1952.




BR_1953_Notice EG54



Royal Train Notice EG.54 (PDF).

Royal Train Notice: Wolferton to Edinburgh and back.


BR_1954_Notice 40  * NEW *



Royal Train Notice 40 (PDF).

Royal Train Notice: Paddington to Oxford & back.


BR_1954_Notice EG58



Royal Train Notice EG.58 (PDF).

Royal Train Notice: Wolferton to King's Cross and back.


BR_1953_NOTICE_394 SOO

BR_1953_NOTICE_395 SOO

BR_1953_NOTICE_396 SOO

BR_1953_NOTICE_400 SOO







Royal Train Notice 394 SOO (PDF).
Royal Train Notice 395 SOO (PDF).

Royal Train Notice 396 SOO (PDF).

Royal Train Notice 400 SOO (PDF).

Southern Region Royal Train Notices










Special Traffic Notice E88-18 SX (PDF).

Special Traffic Notice E88-46 SX (PDF).

Scottish Region Weekly Traffic Notices No 18 & 46



WR_1953_E-44_STN  * NEW *

Dec 53


WR Traffic Notice E-44 1953 (PDF).

WR Avonmouth Banana Traffic Notice, Dec 1953


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